Bliss n Eso: “Act Your Age” Music Video

ROLE: Direct / Produce / Edit

DELIVERY: Official music video for Bliss n Eso’s hit single “Act Your Age”, taken from the number 1 selling Australian album “Circus In The Sky”.

TASKS: Work closely with Bliss n Eso to concept and write the full video for hit song “Act Your Age”. Source and manage all elements of the production, including film crew, cast, extras, services, location and post-production requirements. Direct the official shoot, including over 100 cast, crew and extras, spread across 4 days / 2 nights. Edit and colourgrade the final music video in a short window of only 8 days.


Bliss n Eso: “Circus In The Sky” Album Trailer

ROLE: Director / Producer / FIlm / Edit

DELIVERY: Cinematic film style trailer to promote the new Bliss n Eso album ‘Circus In The Sky’ through viral online media.

PROJECT: Remixing a popular Animatrix short film, Bliss n Eso wanted to create a visually exciting film that brings their famous winged character to real life. On a relatively small budget, many aspects of film making were pulled together to create the visually exciting piece in the centre of Sydney city, on the roof of the QT hotel. The especially large challenge of creating animated wings in a real life scene was the key factor that the entire project relied on, in the end a team of animators led by animation expert Marc Purnell achieved the incredible results.

TASKS: Storyboard and refine the overall film from it’s early concept stages. Source the very specific and hard to access locations for filming, including a school and rooftop in the centre of Sydney. Source 25+ extras for filming, acting as school students, teachers and special agents. Manage, direct and shoot 2 full days of location filming with up to 40 cast and crew at some times. Direct and work closely with a team of animators on the final animation elements including the characters wings, energy blasts, location composites and masking. Edit and colourgrade final feature video. Work with SFX and music specialists to create the foley sounds, intro score and final mix as heard in the video.


Unit Apparel Co: Super Slow Motion BMX

ROLE: Director / Producer / Editor

DELIVERY: Unit Apparel Co. viral action video for online viral distribution, and used on air by ESPN X Games and Fuel TV around the world.

PROJECT: Using almost half a million dollars of film equipment, including the Phantom Flex high speed camera and Red Epic cinema camera, our goal was to show BMX in a way that had never been seen before! Unit team athlete Kyle Baldock performed for the cameras on a specially built ramp in the world class Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast.

TASKS: Concept shoot and design set, research and arrange high speed camera equipment, research and setup over 70Kw of film lighting to be used specially with the Phantom Flex camera, direct over 12 staff on the 3 day shoot including camera operators, ramp builders, lighting assistants and photographers. Edit final production, colour grade, music license and distribute feature video to media outlets.

Crusty Demons: “On Tour” TV Series

ROLE: Director / Producer

DELIVERY: 8 x 30 Minute TV Features for MTV Australia / 4 Disc DVD Box Set

PROJECT: A fresh approach to the world renowned Crusty Demons franchise, this series takes viewers behind the scenes of the new Crusty Demons Live Tour. Mixing world class live action, an incredible catalogue of Crusty Demons historical footage and some brand new content captured around the world, the end result was 8 part TV series to be featured on air, and sold through JB Hi-Fi, Big W and Sanity in Australia on DVD.

TASKS: Create show rundowns, build storylines and feature pieces, organise shoots across multiple continents with some of the world’s best action sports athletes, license 40+ music tracks, work with designers to build the look and feel of the show, create the animated titles and introduction sequence, edit and deliver the final product within budget.